Zephyr Elf: Mostly harmless.

You can call me Zeke.
Antisocial introvert, stuck in Australia.
Gender neutral. They/them pronouns preferred.

Cold and awkward as fuck
Recovering. Sober.
Poly-romantic feminist dirtbag
Hirsute honey, wandering starchilde


I don’t like boys. I don’t like girls. I like wierdos with a personality and a lust for the ugly, bizarre and twisted :3

Excruciatingly shy
Mutating now to beat the rush
Extremely opinionated
Obnoxious craft addict
Total bookophile
Complete intolerance of humanoid stupidity
Subject of deranged images
Inhuman abhorrance of hair cuttings
Hermit wierdo
Can be bribed with coffee + dead things
Secretly tentacled

I will do what I want. You’re not my real dad. 

This is me.

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The Donate button is to my online spare change fund, proceeds will go towards my vital orthodontic treatment & reconstructive jaw surgery. I was attacked by surprise and assaulted simply for the way I look - my attacker was never caught or punished. 
Every little bit helps, thank you ♥