Zephyr Elf: Mostly harmless.

You can call me Zeke.
Antisocial introvert, stuck in Australia.
Gender neutral. They/them pronouns preferred.

Cold and awkward as fuck
Recovering. Sober.
Poly-romantic feminist dirtbag
Hirsute honey, wandering starchilde


I don’t like boys. I don’t like girls. I like wierdos with a personality and a lust for the ugly, bizarre and twisted :3

Excruciatingly shy
Mutating now to beat the rush
Total bookophile
Inhuman abhorrance of hair cuttings
Hermit wierdo
Can be bribed with coffee + dead things
Secretly tentacled

I will do what I want. You’re not my real dad. 

This is me.

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The Donate button is to my online spare change fund, proceeds will go towards my vital orthodontic treatment & reconstructive jaw surgery. I was attacked by surprise and assaulted simply for the way I look - my attacker was never caught or punished. 
Every little bit helps, thank you ♥