Yeah nah drinking is for shitcunts.



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    But not drinking is for squares, and kids too young to buy alcohol so they take up a morally righteous crusade against...
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    …I thought you drank? I’ve thrown up before…I like to believe I’m not a shitcunt lol
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  4. aishaphantasma said: excessive, stupid drinking is…I don’t think moderate and responsible drinking is a bad thing. I haven’t been very drunk in a while…
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    *Drinking to stupidity is for shitcunts. I don’t mind people who drink, but oh my god there’s nothing tackier than...
  7. lordleafe said: Tea or GTFO!!
  8. creepyowly said: Smoke weed. That’s all. The one drug that encourages free thought, peace and has no negative effects is banned while legal drugs just poison the population to keep us stupid.
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