I done broke my pooper.

Seriously, bowel conditions can suck a fuck.
Sorry I’ve been shockingly inactive with my blog recently; I’m so sick at the moment, I can’t even be bothered with Tumblr :(! 
For those who have asked, I have been updating my Instagram- I’ve been practically living on my phone from the fetal position on the couch. My username on the site is ZephyrLeStrange; do say ‘wallo :)

I’ve got mail coming out the wazoo and I’m really sorry I’ve left a lot of wonderful people kind of hanging; when I have a moment and a comfy cushion, I’ll get back to you all ♥

I’ll get around to talking about my condition and the problems I’ve been encountering, but for now it’s off to the hospital & specialists to see what awful thing is making my body hate me so much v-v

I really really really appreciate all the love and support which is pointed in my direction when I’m feeling like a big ol’ box of shit.
Thank you for existing and taking some time to make a haggard elf smile :) ♥!

  1. beelzebummer said: Sending positive vibes/tentacles your way!
  2. manicpixiedeathbitch said: Eek, that doesn’t sound good, i hope everything’s all right! Sending love to you & your poorly tummy x
  3. applemilks said: Do you use baby butt wipes and smear ointment on your butthole? Ointment is great for post diarrhea and for butthole tears. I hope you don’t have Crohn’s. :( Much love!!
  4. ghost-guessed said: hope you feel better xx
  5. mamacreepsville said: -biggest kisses and hugs for you!- I too know the woes of stomach conditions, afraid to eat and afraid not to eat, curled in bed all day. :( I’m sending lots of love and good vibes your way, sweet lil elven creature. <3
  6. abicus said: We want you feeling better!
  7. afroxvx said: I you need to talk about it (I’ve got several intestin/uterus/body problems), I’m here! Feel better, please <3
  8. sixteenolive3 said: Hopefully they find out what’s making you sick, and you can get better :)
  9. tenjitosspot said: get well soon =] <3
  10. fromanotherside said: Sending you positive energy <3
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