You're exquisite. How do you get your eyebrows so perfect?


Eep, you’re too kind! Thank you! ♥

When I used to draw my eyebrows on, I swore by cotton tips to tidy up smudgy lines or mistakes, but I rock my natural brows these days. I keep them happy with minimal tweezing, a touch of rose hip oil for nourishment & gloss, and fill them in with brow powder & an angled brush, rather than with a pencil.

Brow brushes sound super mundane, but they are a massive help in taming wild fuzz, too! :D ♥

  1. applemilks said: powder+angled brush = brow heaven. i put on eyeshadow primer before i do my brows up, and i use a color just about a shade or two lighter than my actual brow to do the “natural” look. <3
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