Velvet Nest Strap-on Harness review

Today I want to share with everyone this amazing feminine strap-on harness I came across!  Velvet Nest makes these gorgeous female harnesses.  They come in stripped, polka dot and lace!   If you know me, you know I love everything candy stripped.  Especially when it comes to BDSM and the fetish lifestyle.  Most harnesses are over sized, big black and too hardcore looking for me. It’s usually a one size fits all with harnesses. They usually have super long straps that just drive me crazy and they just don’t photograph well.   Most importantly with this harness, it’s actually comfortable! It’s soft and easy to wash, super flexible and super cute!   It’s a great addition for your toy box.  All of these harnesses are completely stylish and fit you like a glove. They have three sizes and they take customs orders. Velvet Nest is sensuality and fashion.  I love adding stylist and yummy things to my sex life for private and for show.

The stylish handmade fabric is vegan/vegetarian with a uniquely crafted Velcro docking system that holds the dildo super firm.  You just flip the flaps and put in your toy and flip it back, locking it down.  At first I didn’t think the Velcro would work, but to my surprise it does! AND it holds up with rough play!  I love that you could wear it under your clothes and no one would know unless you wanted them too.  ;)

I’ve never come across something so lovely and lingerie like.  Us girly girls can fuck with this harness and it looks like fancy underwear!  I highly recommend it!  More photos of the harness can be seen on  To purchase please visit


One of each, please & thanks.



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