I never used to have a problem posting, relating and interacting on here, but I have struggled so much in the recent months. It worries me that my ability to socialise is getting worse. I just second guess everything I go to share, not for any other reason except my fundamental self loathing.

I’m wondering, is it possible to be so shy you eventually implode into yourself?

  1. abicus said: I believe so, yes! <————-
  2. siliconegirl said: Ayy Z, sometimes I can’t even leave the house n I dunno why… Other days I’m totally fine… Hate it. Should come live with me :D xxx
  3. everything-is-itself said: While there may be a whole bunch of idiots who hate on you for no reason, there are 10x more people who love and support you. We’re always here for you, and we love what you post. Don’t feel too judged xx
  4. justyouraverageboi said: yes, and it’s a terrible feeling. you’re lovely. please don’t collapse into yourself.
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