Reasons why PETA is terrible

Content warning: Racism, sexism, fat shaming, misogyny, euthanization of shelter animals, Holocaust, KKK

I hope everybody knows by now that PETA is an awful bunch of people, but I thought I’d collect some of the reasons together for anyone who doesn’t.

PETA employees were also on trial in eastern North Carolina in 2007 for the illegal euthanization and dumping of dozens of animals in a dumpster behind a Piggly Wiggly. PETA sent workers to struggling, resource deprived shelters in NC and volunteered to take surplus animals to the PETA facility in VA for adoption. The shelters signed over adoptable animals thinking that they were going to be given the best treatment possible and would find new homes through the VA shelter. Instead, they were euthanized in the back of a van and tossed in a dumpster. At trial, lawyers paid for by PETA claimed that the defendants had done nothing wrong because the animals were legally their property and they could do what they liked with them. They were only convicted of illegal disposal of animal remains.

PETA, and Ingrid Newkirk personally, are very anti-pit bull.  They advocate the banning and euthanization of pit bulls. They even “accepted” Michael Vick after his conviction, but argued that the dogs involved should be euthanized.  

If you’re supporting PETA, you’re not supporting animals, you’re supporting people who actively go out of their way to attack minority groups for the sake of publicity. They’re tarnishing the name of animal rights & activism, and they’re getting money from suckers to do so? Ugh.
Shelters and animal welfare services in your own town need your help more than awful million dollar corporations!

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