I had to face the real world early this morning to pick up my medication prescription. I don’t mind leaving early on a Sunday, it’s really quite peaceful in the morning in the city, except for the random remnants of drunkscum from the night before. 

Following some tips from Rae Morris’ book, I used some really simple make up tricks to not look like the crypt keeper who crawled out of bed with no medication or coffee. The combination of illuminator, curled eyelashes and white eyeliner actually worked, I’m pretty sure they’re going to be staples in my make up routine from now on :O

It was like the wind was at my back on the way home, I practically flew with the thought of coffee, kush, warm blankies and Pokemanz.
The weather turned gross just as I got home. Is any one else pretty much spending the day on the internet? Haha.



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