When stretching your septum, is it supposed to be painless? Whenever I stretch, it's not unbearable but it's always tender a day or two after. If I bump it, I'll tear up a bit. Sorry, I don't follow anyone else with this mod.


Hiya :)

The nasal septum is a pretty tough piece of tissue, even if it’s pierced through the optimal ‘sweet spot’ & stretching is paced with the body. I didn’t find my septum stretching too pleasant- the day it was done it was fine, however it felt hard and tender and sore like a nosebeak for a week or so afterwards every time. 

I mean, we are stretching a hole in a part of our face that doesn’t usually have a hole. It’s perfectly normal to experience tenderness and even a bit of lymph around the area for a week or so after the stretching. If the pain gets worse, or just doesn’t go away, it’d be worth talking to a trusted piercer.

Good luck, happy stretching! :)

  1. finchmandala said: It felt like I was pressing my nose up against a pane of glass for a few days after my last stretch, haha! I’m happy with my 4g hole. ^_^
  2. ithritin-lth said: Personally I find it worse than stretching a Prince Albert!
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