Melancholy and cold.

I’m trying to work on art or hair or something, but I keep ending up in a blanket burrito on the couch. I feel like an idiot when I let things get to me. 



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  1. sensazn said: <3
  2. themodifieddoll said: I’m trying to distract myself as well and I’m failing splendidly
  3. vodkafuelledreality said: dreary adelaide days dont help, tis a sunday made for blanket burritos, enjoy ☺
  4. freyjasdotter said: i think you’re wonderful and awesome and magical. i’m sorry that you are not feeling the awesome that you should only ever feel (because awesome is what amazing people like you deserve to feel) <33 <3 <3
  5. ithritin-lth said: +1. My poor dreads are shabby as fuck lately, they need some lovin’ but I am just so blauhghgehrh
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