So, like, two years ago today, Alex and I were getting post hangover lunch & realising that we actually kind of didn’t hate being around each other & we were actually, like, kind of cute and time together wasn’t weird and, like, woah that wasn’t the plan at all, but holy moly you’re cool & I wanna see you again type of deal.

Two years with a Grand Champion Supreme Master of Babes; someone I’m lucky enough not only to be able to get le cuddles, but have as a best friend, a fuck buddy & a bro to talk shit with all in one.

I don’t know what I’ve done to be able to exist with such a handsome geek boy who hates everything that’s shit and never blew hot air up my ass with the whole “AMG NOICE PIERcINS N TATTS” bullshit but was always completely honest and up front and unafraid to call me on my shit. Together, we’ve done so much growing as people- growing I don’t think I could have done without him- I thank my lucky globdamn stars every day that I get to know him. 

Yep. That’s enough from me. This has been an Alex appreciation post :3



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