Thinking of doing a solo show..

Not one of those, you cheeky bint. At least, not in this case.  

Like, if I busted my ass for a bit in the most figurative sense possible & found a place to hang some art, would y’all come and eat some snax & pretend* to be art students/critics and look at my art fart?

I’ve been in a few exhibitions, but I’ve never hosted my own. Could be an ~experience~. 

*If you’re not already one, hahah 



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  1. amangatang said: I’d probably be one of the people that rocks up 48 hours beforehand and camps outside.
  2. crosseyedmorgan said: OMG I WOULD SO BE THERE if I were in the same country :(
  3. graveyardtann said: I would totally be there if I lived closer to youu! D:
  4. lordleafe said: I would definitely come if I could. You’re a wonderful artist and the world needs to see your stuff! Do it Z. Do it for the unicorns!
  5. wobelong said: I’ll come and critique :P
  6. amillionhailmaryswontsaveyounow said: Id come look if it was in melbourne!
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