I don’t know if I’m overreacting. But I was just watching snippets from a breakfast show that runs in Australia, and they’re doing a bit about pets. One of the two male presenters are handling a snake and they both know that the woman who also hosts the show is terrified of snakes, so they call her on and not really ask her permission before just putting this thing around her neck.

She’s frozen from the minute the snake touches her, but she handles it really well, all smiles and a laser stare at the camera- she was shitting bricks but wasn’t going to show it. But it was like the guys wanted a rise from her, so they get one end of this little python and wrap it around her neck. You can see the actual terror in her eyes as she’s kind of trying to say that she’s ‘less comfortable’ with this, but no one really listens.

The camera starts to pan out, when she uncontrollably screams because the snake has wrapped its tail around her breast. 
Instead of anyone actually doing anything, the guys kind of make jokes about how it’s ‘caressing’ her, and leering about how it’s touching her breast, and the camera zooms right in on her one breast and she’s actually crying and trying to divert the awkwardness by stammering something about cutting to the news and that was it, cut to another segment. 

Seriously. What the FUCK did I just watch? 

  1. gotlovetokill said: That’s fucked up. You’re not overreacting.
  2. seamothergutterdust said: yeah gross. all kinds of abuse, but IT’S OK BECAUSE WE ARE FUNNY MANS! so sick of humour being used as an excuse to make people feel really uncomfortable.
  3. miss-hex said: That’s awful.
  4. metal-mannequin said: What show was it? :S that’s horrible
  5. vodkafuelledreality said: I absolutely adore snakes and this is utterly unacceptable behaviour, all they have done is further entrench the poor womans phobia and any watching the digusting display
  6. crosseyedmorgan said: That is totally disgusting, I’ve seen similar things happen before on shows like that, it’s always snakes and spiders, it’s a frikken big deal and then exposing her like that, horrible
  7. qglas said: WTF so not an overreaction. WTFFFF.
  8. ohlookdaveshere said: Disgusting.
  9. bloodredstates said: Youre not overreacting. That’s disgusting… Holy shit. I’m in shock.
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    tv sickens me, this isnt an overreaction at all and i feel really bad for her, if someone put a spider on me and then...
  11. imnosleepingbeauty said: what the actual fuck made them think that was okay?! you’re not overreacting at all, thats absolutely disgusting to do that and then laugh when she was very obviously not okay with what was happening >:l
  12. mundytyrrell said: That’s just cruel. I have a massive spider phobia and if someone put one on me I wouldn’t be able to contain myself.
  13. adventuresinslumberland said: That’s a whole lot of not ok.
  14. le-rubber-snatch said: wo i dont know…wtf..?
  15. r0d3nt said: that makes me feel ill :<
  16. deadisbeautylost said: I dont understand people.
  17. ithritin-lth said: !!!!!!!!!!???? I absolutely HATE shit like that, fuck!
  18. desex-your-ecks said: That’s disgusting behaviour! There’s a reason I don’t own a television anymore… When I visit people who have it I always end up cringing or eye rolling at whatever is on.
  19. ellclaire said: That’s awful :(
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    That’s not right for her or the animal. It’s wrong to make a person that uncomfortable. Also, what if she had panicked...
  21. missvaughnblack said: Not overreacting at all. People used to do shit like this to me all the time. All my friends thought it was “cute”.
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