I still have recurring nightmares about it. I’ll be out and about and the sun would catch my legs, and I could hear people start tittering and giggling. I’ll look down and instead of being naked or something, I’d be wearing shorts with my legs would bare for everyone to see- they’d be hairy and scarred and people would straight out point and laugh and try and hurt me until I wake up drenched in sweat. 
My confidence is crippled by my scarred, scaly pins, it sounds really trivial but I’ve been bothered for as long as I can remember, and the fear of what they look like was leaking into my dreamstate.

I am sick of being terrified because of my dreams. So I went out with no tights on, unshaven & with no fucks to give; the first time I’ve ever left the house in all my hirsute glory ever.

And it felt rad. Body acceptance 2k12.



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  2. xviraa said: Dear Elf, those people who once tried to bring you down will someday meet their own disrespect and boy belief me they won’t like it! You totally rock the way you are and that’s why people like me admire you!
  3. vyrphotic said: I used to be worried about my scarred furry legs, but nowadays I walk about town with my legs in full view and no fucks to give. I like them, they get me places, who cares if they’re furry? I’m distinguished.
  4. deadisbeautylost said: I went out this summer with bare legs. Oh it was a huge step. Good for you! <3
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