helloo there m'lady c: my ears are at 30mm and I was thinking about buying ear weights but I don't really want them much bigger (if at all if possible) so I was just wondering if you had any idea what weight they should be or give me any info on them? c:


Hey dude. No gender specific pronouns, plz & thx.

Ear weights don’t have to make your ears larger if you don’t want them to. Try to limit wearing them to a few hours & give your lobes a rest afterwards; they’re obviously not all day wear jewellery.

My heaviest pair are brass & weigh 80 grams together- the first pair I bought were Howlite rings & quite light compared to brass pieces. Most stone will weigh less than brass weights & the wider wearable surface areas will be more comfortable while you’re getting used to them. Good luck! :)

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