Ugh. I can’t ask people for things. Ever.
Like, I actually feel like the world’s biggest hassle on humanity by just generally existing, asking for things makes me feel like I might as well ask for neon signage & ‘WORLD’S BIGGEST NEEDIEST ASSHOLE EVER’ on a hat.

I know it’s not the case, most of the time. I know that people are (sometimes?) happy to hear from me. But feeling like I’m a huge burden by just going about my daily activities makes me feel like I am a blackhole of neediness when I actually have to ask someone for something. 

My arm has gone dead & my heart is pounding from the nerves, and it’s just over something that I had already discussed with someone who I’m related to & actually gives a minor shit about me, but it’s so fucking hard not to feel like I’m abusing the shits given about me by ringing & asking for the help we agreed on.  

  1. bandersnatchasnark said: samefeelz
  2. far2frail said: I always, ALWAYS feel like this. And then people ask why they never see me, and it’s because I would need someone to pick me up/drive me home, and I feel like a huge burden asking. :(
  3. thefivestagesof-grief said: Relevant!
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