Hello! Recently I've started growing my pits out and having some problems with sweat and smell and what not. Do you know of any home/natural remedies that could help in any way? >.<


Washing with soap & using deodorant helps. I don’t know what else to tell you? It’s no different to the basic hygiene required when you shave :/

It’s just sweat. Err’thing with sweat glands does it, it’s not really a biggie. :)

  1. ithritin-lth said: Just don’t obsessively clean your pits! If you clean them too often, you’ll remove the good skin microbes, and the bad/opportunistic ones will take over and make you smell worse (:
  2. vodkafuelledreality said: some people swear by rubbing sliced lemon under their armpits.
  3. prettypennyknife said: Lets be honest, I smell just as bad with my hairy pits as before. That has to do with hormones/higher testosterone levels. In the summer I have to wash more often. As natural remedy I use tea tree oil:-) it works just as well as deoderant!
  4. crimsoncatacombs said: They make antiperspirants for extra wet underarms…I think its by Secret. Amazing stuff. Tried it in the Summertime.
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