Two questions I get asked a lot…

No, I don’t bind- non binary is non binary. I’m just a stick insect.

No, I don’t “do” Halloween. I live in Australia, it’s Beltane here & that’s not means for spending $$ on a once a year thing. Why do people rag on Xmas but not the equally consumerist Halloween?
Regardless, it’s dumb & I only buy into it (read: cheap candy) when shit is on clearance afterwards.

Cool. Glad that’s out in the open.



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  1. adventuresinslumberland said: Jealous of you being in Beltane right now! We’re celebrating Samhain here, but I didn’t get to skip off to the forest with the others for festivities sadly. Anyway, happy Beltane!
  2. applemilks said: But… the costumes! I’m in the US and I’m not celebrating this year due to homework, though. People rag on xmas because christians don’t shut the fuck up about it for 3-4 months solid here.
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